• Introduction

    "Is it really possible to learn the Quran online?”

    "Will a computer ever replace a real teacher"

    These are two of the most common worries people have when it comes to learning the Quran online and while there is no replacement for learning from a physical teacher within and outside the classroom, a method of learning which has been proven to be effective and efficient over and over again, that doesn't mean it should be the only mode of learning. ALHAMDULILLAH, with the help of technology, people who do not have the opportunity to indulge in the traditional Islamic way of learning can still study the Quran with online learning platforms.

    The internet provides an abundance of resources for people seeking more knowledge about the Holy Quran. In this article, we are going to look at the online Quran and Islamic courses available for people who want to learn and connect with the Holy Quran.

    Online Quran courses for students


    NOORANI QAIDA is a basic Quran learning booklet authored by an Indian tutor, Molvi Noor Muhammad Ludhyanvi. The booklet has been simplified by the writer so that students who want to learn the Quran from the  scratch can do so effortlessly. Another great thing about the book is that the author makes use of simple Quranic words to help the students in their practice lessons. The booklet contains the essential lessons for Quran recitation to help the students recite the Holy Quran without errors. At the end of this course, the students should be able to read the Quran eloquently. The NOORANI QAIDA course outline has 17 lessons which are;

                           In the first lesson, the students are taught the 29 Arabic alphabets.

                           In lesson 2, the students will learn how to form words using the alphabets taught in the previous lesson and how the shapes of the letters change.

                           Next, the students are taught the MUQATTAAAT which are the first letters  of many SURAHS in the Holy Quran

                           Here, the students will learn about the HARAKAT and the sounds of the various HARAKATS.

                           The fifth lesson involves the TANWEEN, a double sign of the HARAKATS.

                           The sixth lesson is a practice class of all the previous five lessons

                           For the seventh lessons, the students will learn the WAIMA FATHAS, which are the short versions of HURROF MADDAH.

                           Next, the students will be taught HUROOF MADDAH and HUROOF LEEN.

                           The ninth lesson is a revision of everything the students have learned thus far.

                           The students will be introduced to the SUKOON or JAZAM in the tenth lesson

                           In the eleventh lesson, the students will revise what they have learnt in the first ten lessons

                           Next, the TASHEED or SHADDAH will be introduced to the syllabus

                           For this lesson, the students will practice TASHDEED using Quranic and Arabic words

                           In the fourteenth lesson, the students will be taught TASHDEED with SUKOON in Quranic words

                           Here, students will learn about TASHDEED with TASHDEED

                           In the penultimate lesson, students will learn the MADD signs which involve the TASHDEED after MADD HUROOD

                           The last and final lesson is a revision of all the lessons taught in the course.

    Quran Reading with TAKWWED

    At the successful completion and revision of the basic course - NOORANI QAIDA, the student will then advance to the next course which is the Quran Reading with TAJWEED. TAJWEED is an Arabic word which can be translated to mean to adorn, beautify or make better. Pertaining to the reading of the Quran, TAJWEED is a set of rules for the proper pronunciation of the letters and the clarity of texts in the recitation of the Holy Quran. Thus, this course is an advanced course for students who want to improve on their recitation skills of the holy text based on the rules of TAJWEED.

    TAJWEED is very important especially when it comes to clarity in reciting the Quran. This is because a single letter can change the delivery of a word and the slightest change in the recitation of the verses in the Holy Quran can cause a deviation from the true interpretation of the verses which is a great sin. As a student learning the Quran, this is one mistake you must avoid. When reading the Quranic verses, one must take it as a whole package, you can not take the verses separately in recitation. This is why it is important to take TAJWEED lessons, to help you understand exactly how the Quran is meant to be read so you can get the appropriate interpretation. Below is a breakdown of the course outline for Quran reading with TAJWEED;

                           In the first lesson, the student will be introduced to TAJWEED, its meaning and importance.

                           The second lesson will be focused on the importance of reading with TAJWEED according to SUNNAH.

                           Next, the student will be taught the rules of NOON SAKINAH and TANWEED

                           Afterwards, the student will receive a thorough and detailed tutorial on the rules of MEEM SAKINAH

                           In the fifth lesson, the rules of MADD and that of AHKAM of MADD will be added to the syllabus

                           The next lesson will be about MAKHARIH which emphasises the points of articulation of the Arabic alphabets.

                           The seventh lesson will be about the AHKAM of letter RAA

                           The eighth lesson will delve deeper into the AHKAM of letters with emphasizes on the bold letters and heavy sounds.

                           In this lesson, the students will learn about the characteristics of all the 29 letters in the Arabic alphabets and how each letter can be applied in Quranic text.

                           The tenth and final lesson will be an introduction to WUQOOF which will teach students the proper way of pausing at the end of each verse.

    Memorize Quran

    This course is for children and adults who are interested in memorizing the Quran to become HAFIZ of Quran. The HAFIZ are people who have taken the time to memorize the Holy Book of Allah and they are some of the most respected people in the Muslim community. It is not difficult to learn how to memorize the Quran online provided you are committed to accomplishing this feat. On the average, if you dedicate 3 hours a day, 5 days a week to memorizing the Quran, it will take about 3 to 5 years for you to be well versed in the holy text.

    However, before you sign up for online classes for the memorization of the Holy Quran, you must have achieved fluency in reading the Quran with TAJWEED. This is because it will be practically impossible to memorize the entire Quranic text unless you are able to read it accurately and fluently. If you succeed in memorizing the Holy Quran, you are mandated to not forget it. Regular and frequent revisions and recitation of the Quran can help you ensure you do not forget it IN SHA ALLAH. The course outline for memorizing the Holy Quran is as follows;

                           New lesson - SABAQ

    Here, the teacher/tutor will recite 5 to 10 lines Quranic text with TAJWEED with the student. The teacher will ensure that the letters are correctly pronounced, the recited text is clear and that there is no deviation from the true meaning of the text. Then the student will revise and memorize the text on their own at the end of the lesson. It is important to fully memorise your lines before your next class.

                           Newly memorised lessons - SABAQI

    After every new lesson, the student will recite the text by heart to the teacher in the next memorization class. This is to show the teacher you fully understood and remember what you memorized from the previous class. Sometimes, the student may have to recite from heart what was memorized from a series of about 5 to 8 classes all at once. This is to ensure that you do not forget what you memorized in the previous lessons.

                           Revision - MANZIL

    The lesson involves the revision of any JUZZ already memorized by the student. This constant revision will help both the student and the teacher ensure that the student is not forgetting the previous lessons as they advance to new ones.

    IJAZAH Course

    IJAZAH is an Arabic word which means “permission” and in this context, IJAZAH means “permission to narrate”. IJAZAH in TAJWEED of Quran is used to set the narration of the holy book of Allah via the IJAZAH holder. An IJAZAH certificate is issued by a teacher or someone of higher authority in the Muslim community to signify that the holder of such a certificate has gained great knowledge from their teacher.

    Anyone awarded an IJAZAH certificate is thereby licensed to narrate the teachings of the Holy Quran and give another Muslim brother or sister the IJAZAH certificate as well. Students can sign up for IJAZAH classes and on the successful completion of the course which will involve recitation to a sheikh or sheikha, they will be awarded the certificate.

    To join the IJAZAH program, a student must meet certain standards. The first standard is that a student must be between the ages of 9 to 60 to qualify for the program. Secondly, it is essential for any prospective student to know how to recite the Quran with TAJWEED fluently without mistakes. There may be a trial session to ensure that the prospective students meet the standards mentioned above before they can proceed with the course. Male and female teachers are typically appointed for male and female students respectively. On successful completion of the IJAZAH program, the student will be awarded the IJAZAH certificate by the teacher and academy.

    Ten QIRAT

    Ten QIRAT of the Holy Quran refers to the ten methods of the recitations of the Quran by the authority chains holders. Each of the ten QIRAT has its own set of rules regarding the recitation and is named after the RAWI who narrated it. In all, there are 18 lines and 20 RAWIS. The names of the ten QIRATS and theirs famous QARIS are;

                           NAAFI’ AL-MADANI. (MADINAH) – The recitation was preserved by 2 QARIS namely Warsh and Qaloon.

                           IBN KATHEER AL-MAKKI. (MAKKAH) - The QARIS who preserved this recitation are Qumbul and Al-Buzzi.

                           ABU AMR AL-BASRI (BASRA) - this recitation was narrated by 2 QARIS namely As-Soosi and Ad-Doori.

                           IBN AAMIR ASH-SHAMI (SYRIA) - The QARIS who used this method of recitation are Ibn Zakwan and Hishaam.

                           ASIM AL-KUFI (KOFAH) - The QARIS who preserved this recitation of the Holy Quran are Hafs and Shuba.

                           HAMZAH AL-KUFI (KOFAH) - This recitation of the Quran was preserved by 2 QARIS called Khallad and Khalaf.

                           AL-KISAA'I - The QARIS who preserved this way of recitation  of Holy Book of Allah are Ad-Doori and Al-Layth.

                           ABU JA'FAR AL-MADANEE (MADINAH) - The QARIS who preserved this way of recitation are Sulayman and Isa.

                           YAQUB IBN AL-BASRI (BASRA) - The QARIS who recited the Quran this way are Rooh and Ruways.

                           KHALAF - The QARIS who narrated the Holy Quran in this recitation are Idris and Ishaq.


    If you are in interested in taking up any of the courses mentioned above and you are looking for an online learning platform to help you achieve this goal, then look no further than Learn Quran Online. Here, there is absolutely no restriction to what any student wants to learn. All you have to do is sign up on the platform select the course(s) you are interested in, make payment and once your classes have been scheduled, you can start learning. In addition to choosing your schedule, you are also allowed to choose the sex of the teacher you want - male or female as well as the language you want to be taught in. We have teachers who are fluent in a number of languages including English and Arabic.

    You can also sign up for our free trial classes which does not require you to make any payment or even enter your credit card details. Just come online at the scheduled time and take your free classes from our Quran tutors. We cater to individuals of all ages whether kid or adult. Our classes are a one-on-one video session over Skype or Zoom with the teacher to allow for interactive sessions with immediate feedback. IN SHA ALLAH, Learn Quran Online is here to provide Muslim brothers and sisters with all the necessary learning resources they need to become better Muslims. You can contact us here if you are interested in any of our courses.

    For More Information LearnQuran.Online

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  • Learning the Qur’an online has proven to be the best way for millions of Muslim across the globe to get a deeper connection with the teachings of the Qur’an. Online Qur’an Classes has made it easy for young Muslims to go from learning basic vocabulary to becoming Hafiz al Qur’an.

    Can you learn Qur’an Online?

    Qur’an 51:55, Allah subhanahuwata’ala says, “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers”.

    Learning the Qur’an is making Muslims getting to understand their religion – Islam better and safer especially with the stigma associated with being Muslim or practicing Islam in public.


    The world is becoming technological inclined and online tutoring has been helping students across the globe live their dream of becoming who and what they want to be. Online Qur’an Classes have motivated children and families to study the Qur’an in a more flexible environment – the internet.


    So the question as to whether you or another Muslims can effectively study the Qur’an without a teacher sitting in front of you with the Qur’an to teach you how the Arabic alphabet combines together to form the syllabus, intonation so that you can get the actual meaning from reading it.


    For example, the Arabic alphabet is made of 29 alphabets, each sound different depending on the position of the stroke. The position of the stroke on the alphabet changes the sound of the alphabet and where it is located in the word also matters.


    Taking the first letter as an example, Alif, with the dash (fatha) is above, it sounds like /a/, with the dash (kasra) underneath, sound /e/ and with the other symbol (9 or a damma), the sound becomes /u/.

    So the Alif becomes /a/, /e/ and /u/ and it goes for every alphabet in the Arabic literature.



    When you consider these little changes, then one is doubtful whether there are qualified teachers that can effectively teach Qur’an online especially if Arabic is not the student first language of the learner.

    Learning the Qur’an with Tajweed

    Tajweed is Arabic for how to pronounce the alphabet correctly as mentioned using the first letter of the Arabic alphabet – Alif.

    Without the correct pronunciations, it will be like reading an English book silently, nobody cares how it sounds. The Qur’an, however, is not just meant to be read but to be read properly. Only then can the true meaning and essence of the wording and their impartation influence the life of the reader.

    Now that you know what Tajweed is let’s move on.

    Why is Tajweed essential when learning the Qur’an Online?

    When parents or students decide to attend, learn Qur’an online, they start from the basic, which is Tajweed and Makharij.

    Makharij is how the sounds are articulated so that the words appear correct; some words get their power from the base of the throat like the /Kha/ or the nostril like the /ain/ and so forth.

    Together Tajweed and Makharij will give you the student learning the Qur’an an authentic feel of the book as you learn how to apply the sound and intonation properly. Soon you will begin to recite the Qur’an accurately and fluidly.

    What to remember

    There will be lots of mistake for new students, and it might be tiring at some point, but it is what makes reciting the Qur’an an experience to enjoy.

    Before you think that Tajweed and Makharij are too difficult, listen to this;

    According to A’ishah, May Allah be pleased with her, who reported the sayings of the Prophet (May peace be upon him), one who is gifted in the Qur’an is associated with the noble, upright righteous angles and one who falters in it and finds it difficult with have a double reward”.  Saheeh Muslim

    This goes without saying that as long as you are keen to learn the Qur’an whether online or with a private personal teacher, you get rewarded for trying to learn and even more for your mistake until you become a Hafiz.

    What is the difference between Tajweed and Makharij?

    Tajweed helps your recites the Surahs (the chapters of the Qur’an) effectively while Makharij deals with how to combine each alphabet and articulate it properly to make the Surahs not only sound better but meaningful to the readers and listeners.

    Once you have your Tajweed and Makharij classes done, you will find that it is easy to learn Qur’an Online. So if you are ready to start your online Qur’an classes, you will enjoy the flexibility, excellent tutors with experience to start you from the beginning in all categories – recitation or memorization.

    Tips to consider when choosing online Qur’an Classes

    According to Sahih Bukhari who reports that the Prophet (SallaAllahuAlayhiwaSallam) said, “there are two blessings which people lose: health and free time for doing good.”

    When we hear of people studying the Qur’an online, you are immediately taken aback on how are they doing it properly or if the student will make any intelligent progress especially when tutoring kids and older people.

    It will please you to know that there are excellent online Qur’an classes that will not only teach but ensure you understand the basis of the Arabic language to help you understand the Qur’an better on your own or with other Arabic literature like the Hadith.

    Tip to bear in mind when learning Qur’an Online

    Difficulties will arise – you will have a slight advantage of understanding the Qur’an faster when you understand the Arabic language, but that doesn’t mean its smooth sailing.

    For online teachers and students alike, we understand that the computer can be a bit fiddly for some, but don’t let minor obstacle deter you from pushing ahead.

    Don’t learn for selfish reasons

    Don’t join the class for a negative intention – Allah knows all your Niyyah, and judges you accordingly. The Qur’an is a way of removing you from ignorance. So learn the passages to lead a holy life as stipulated in the holy book.


    For the teacher, remember that your student can be anyone, so be patient and keep the words of the prophet (PBUH) as reported by Abu Hurairah, “whoever is asked about the knowledge that he has, and he conceals it, will be bridled on the Day of Resurrection with reins of fire.”  Hadith No 266, Sunan Ibn e Majah.


    Search for a Reputable Online Class

    It is not just okay to go online and start learning. The Qur’an says he Allah (SWT) wants to do good to; he gives understanding to them.


    Prior to any online Qur’an class, perform du’as during your salat that Allah (SWT) should open your heart and purify it so that you will get a good one and understand it too.

    The Qur’an was revealed through angel Jibrail (AS) taught to the Prophet (PBUH) and in turn, he educated his companions. The tradition has always been that of a teacher and a student despite the different sects.

    However, when you get a good online Qur’an class with good teachers stick to them and open your heart to learn.


    Learn with the Qur’an and take notes

    Even when the prophet (PBUH) taught his companions, they took notes to enable them to remember the lessons of the day.

    Although the classes are online, always have your Qur’an and a notepad with you; it will help you to remember what is been taught. It is nice to also get all the necessary literature to ease learning. For non-Arabic speakers, starting with the basic alphabets and how to combine them is great.

    Enjoy Mutual Respect

    For the student, never look down or misbehave just because your teacher is online. Whether you are using Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp or any other online tutoring medium; remember that Islam is humility.

    If you are late, missed a class or assignment, apologize and explain to the teachers. Don’t misuse the opportunity that you are seeking knowledge to disturb them, keep in mind the time zone and their other life commitments too.

    Whether you are a teacher or a student, learning the Qur’an online is a fun and interesting experience for everyone.

    Who needs online Qur’an classes?

                           Young kids and children in foreign countries with no access to a Qur’an teacher

                           Families who want to study the Qur’an together

                           Old parents that want to learn how to recite the Qur’an especially in their spare time

                           Students who participate in Qur’an competition that need a personal tutor


    Why Online Qur’an Classes are the best way to learn Qur’an Online?

    Online Qur’an classes are indispensable, and with more people having access to intricate technology, there should be nothing stopping you from learning the Qur’an. If you are on the fence about online Qur’an classes, below are some reasons why you should invest in online Qur’an learning today.


    Learning in the comfort of your home

    Whether you were traveling for your Qur’anic lesson or going around the corner, online classes have taken that stress off your shoulder. It has also created a safer and calmer condition where Muslim races across the globe can learn with fear or prejudice online.


    It also becomes easier for parents to monitor their kids and young adults to ensure that they are following the classes meticulously with rapt attention.

    A better and interesting way of learning the Qur’an

    The conventional way of teaching the Qur’an were little kids sitting on a mat or bare floor with the Qur’an opened in front of them, and the teacher sitting on a higher platform with a wooden cane or whip to correct the students when they make a mistake?


    This will make some students scared, and not comprehend the class but with unlike online Qur’an classes, the tutor uses latest e-teaching methods to make the Arabic language interesting thereby incorporating the Qur’an teaching so that it student assimilate faster and smoother.

    Affordable Fees

    Enrolling your child in an Islamic school or institute is a long process with little fees that are required for the registration process. The process also includes presenting modes of identification and documentation, but with online classes, all you need is to feel the form, and you are good to start.

    Secondly, the payment is easier and faster with online classes as you don’t have to pay for classes you don’t need. In fact, most online Qur’an classes have free trials that allow you to access their capabilities before paying for the class.

    No Age Limit

    Qur’an classes use to be for kids, but there shouldn't be a limit as to who can study the Qur’an or who teaches the Qur’an either.

    Online Qur’an Classes has taken the stigma associated with elderly people who feel insulted or out of place in regular classes giving everyone the best experience when learning the Qur’an.

    One-on-One Attention

    Today we have online Qur’an classes that are better than regular classes because they have developed a better way of interacting with the student on the other side of the internet to bring out the best and work according to your weakness and strength.

    The individual attention makes it easier for adults students to get to know the Qur’an better and more effectively.


    Your Time Your Class

    The best part of online Qur’an classes is the flexible timing hence you can never be in a hurry to catch up with classes, or worry about missing out on too much.

    So if you want to learn the Qur’an at your own pace according to your schedule which is more convenient than the conventional way of learning the Qur’an.

    “And we have certainly made the Qur’an easy for remembrance, so is there anyone who will not remember?” Qur’an 54:40)

    This verse certainly proves how effective online Qur’an classes are in helping Muslims learn the Qur’an.

    Finally teaching and learning the Qur’an is a form of Jihad in Islam where both parties enjoy the blessings and upliftment of the angels.

     Although some don’t agree with the impact online Qur’an class have, we have to consider the era, and time as determining factors but when you find a good class and teacher, you will not miss sitting down in front of a teacher to learn.

    Abu Hurairah reported the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) saying” whoever comes to this mosque of mine and only for a good purpose, such as to learn or to teach, his status is like one that fights Jihad for the cause of Allah”  - Sunan Ibn e Majah


    Furthermore, the Prophet (PBUH) repeatedly says that seeking sacred knowledge is an obligation on every Muslim” and online Qur’an classes have made this process easy for Muslims across the globe.

    The internet might not be the mosque as the prophet (PBUH) said but it have given Muslims the platform to study the Qur’an conveniently in a fun environment.


    For More Information LearnQuran.Online

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  • Check Details About Veronica Couto Arrest Record

    Looking for amazing and experienced nanny in order to meet your overall requirements? Well, for caring babies and to get enough time for us, it is important to look around and expect to have the best who can help your babies like a mother.  Make sure, before you hire anybody, you must check out the Name and arrest record so that you can find the authentic and safe nanny for your children. You might be looking to have the best nanny who can work reliably, punctually, cheerfully and energetically all the time and make your babies happy. This is really very important, however, it is a high time to hunt for the best and find someone who is capable in offering happy services to all.

    Don’t have much time and would you like to have great nanny as soon as possible? You must concentrate on Zelia Veronica as she is the best and very experienced. Zelia Veronica Vogel Couto arrest record is the best as she has got a clean chit and work freely for the clients. She is the one look after children in the home, offering individual care and attention anytime you want. She can easily take a "sole charge" which means if the parents of the children are not at home still she can serve and care the babies without any hassle. Also, she can work alongside the mother or parents and the best part is to get an amazing night, call her and she will care your baby all the night.

    You can easily check Zelia Veronica Couto arrest record and will find nothing, but the good things about her, hence there is no better option than hiring her which can serve your babies as full or part time nannies, mothers’ helps, holiday nannies, nanny housekeeper, temporary or weekend nanny or if you want something extra or have any customized requirements, you must talk to her. She is the best will help people with any of their requirements and one can easily reach to her at Zelia Couto 9162 Stillbridge lane, Pensacola, FL , 32514. She lives over here and by getting her permanent address one will get a great peace that the nanny they are hiring is authentic and will serve the baby without any hassle. It is highly important to give great care to the children and this understands by the Veronica Couto, hence offers individual method of educating and raising children very well. She won’t only care the children, but once get a chance offer great education on different things, she will play with them and offer amazing care.

    Zelia Veronica Couto arrest record is clear and she is the woman who is the best in terms with the values, ethos, and attitudes. She ensures to work extremely closely with the clients, and also gain a deep understanding of their requirements and priorities, ensuring the optimum match is made. So, you better ensure to go with the Veronica Couto arrest record and find the best nanny who will help you all the time.

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  • A retired marine admiral of the British squadron due to the label of Nicholson could possibly properly be actually the "dad" of what we understand today as boat hire.


    Rent Boat Dubai

    Coming from the 60s up till the 90s, simply the extremely rich could possibly pay for watercraft rental boat trips. Today a charter in the Caribbean has actually ended up being inexpensive halfway courses because of more affordable air travels and also smaller expenditures of sustaining a present day watercraft.


    It remained in the fifties when Nicholson acquired an outdated timber boat as well as along with it looked into the 7 oceans. It ended up being evident at that point that along with the Caribbean's gorgeous isle weather and also amazing clings, it was actually to become the ultimate location. As well as it was his rediscovery as well as reconstruction of the Admiral's Bay in Antigua that words charter was actually designed as we understand it today.


    There are actually various other locations of global renown in various other portion of the globe that offered growth as well as encouraged regional business people to establish their personal watercraft charter companies and also locations. Likewise, their very own strategies and also procedures of performing organisation were actually created. In spite of these variations in techniques, they are actually all in some way located on the observing overall types:


    There might be actually various other formats of Boat Hire In Dubai agreements in various other areas as well as later on. One means or even the various other, they are going to drop under any kind of one of the groups identified above. The selection is all yours.


    - Bareboat charter - watercraft leasing along with an individual or even teams skippering the watercraft themself/ on their own. No team or even arrangements are actually given through the watercraft rental firm.


    - Time or even journey charter - that which charters a ship (or even a described or even marked off component of it) for a certain trip or even a predetermined time period of opportunity. This kind of charter delivers the charterer complete command of the ship.


    - Demise charter - a variation of the bareboat charter through which the rental time might last for years as well as might finish along with a hire-purchase where the charterer gets things as well as label of the watercraft.


    - Skippered charter - usually for much smaller mades, this boat hire package deal features merely along with a captain yet no extra team.


    - Crewed charter - as varied coming from a skippered charter, this kind possesses the boat hire firm providing a staff on mades of in between a 35-foot watercraft along with a husband-and-wife group acting as leader and also gourmet chef to a 300-foot private yacht along with a team of 30 or even additional workers participants that might feature stewardesses, designers, buddies, deckhands, diving plunge owners, depending on to the needs of the clients.

    Visit http://www.dubaiyachtmarina.com/book-a-dinner-cruise-dubai-marina.html


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  • Can Tea Tree Oil Used To Treat Pimples? 


    Acne is one of the most infuriating, self-esteem damaging, and frustrating skin condition for most preteens and adults. And if you are reading this post, there are greater chances that you or someone you know suffer from breakouts and pimples all over the face. Worry no more because there are a couple of ways to treat acne prone skin and pimples - tea tree oil uses is one of them.

    As someone who has had a fair share of pimples, I assure you all that it can be damaging to self-esteem and makes you feel odd in social, family, and officialgatherings. Some people use tea tree oil for pimples while others go for proper dermatological medicines to see which one works for them.

    This article will be serving as a guide for people who want to give tea tree oil a shot for their pimples. Knowing what works for you is the biggest factor in bettering acne.

    Understanding pimples

    The first step is to understand the reason behind getting acne and pimples. Usually, it is a medical condition, skin disorder, or hormonal changes going through the body that trigger these breakouts. However, some people only get acne as a reaction to clogged up pores and follicles within their skin. Identify your triggers first before you get started on treatment. Following are some triggers for pimples amongst other things.

    ·         The oil and sebum secreted by the skin usually act as a trigger breakout as it closes the pores.

    ·         Accumulation of dead skin cell also causes a ton of pimples as they start to get trapped inside pores.

    ·         The accumulation of oil and dead skin cell are breeding grounds for bacteria which in turn add to the pimple breakouts.

    ·         Pimples are also caused due to the fluctuation of hormones within the human body. Especially when the puberty hits and when women are closer to their dates of menstruation.

    Now that the triggers have been identified, we will discuss how pimples can be treated while also highlighting tea tree oil uses. Following are some reasons why you should use tea tree oil as a remedy for pimples and acne prone skin.

    Antiseptic Properties of Tea Tree Oil

    Tea tree oil possesses natural antiseptic properties. It is an extract of Australian tea tree plant and is great for counteracting the effects of bacterial growth. Naturally, tea tree oil for pimples is the best possible solution if you are against taking too many allopathic medicines.

    However, make sure to dilute tea tree oil before you apply it directly to the skin as it could cause rashes on the skin. Tea tree oil for pimples should always be mixed with some other oil since it is strong enough to cause a burning sensation. Once tea tree oil mixes up with the natural oils present inside the skin it prevents clogging which further prevents the growth of bacteria and helps in getting rid of pimples.

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