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    There are so many perks when it comes to owning property, It’s a goal many want to achieve. Owning property means that you have are able decorate ,alter, and any other additions you might want to add to make it your own personal space. Owning your own property also comes with great responsibility as you are the person liable for whatever wear and tear and other issues you may experience while owning the property. The safety of your property is highly important to not just you but whoever else who have access to the property and use it be it your family and friends and or pets.

    There are Rules and regulations that have been put in place for all home and property owners when it comes to safety regulations that need to be abided by. One of the very important regulations set out is the that owners be in possession of a Electrical Certificates Cape town. This Electrical certificate is obtained from a registered professional electrical Contractor through a  thorough Electrical inspection. There is a list of Criteria that the electrical contractor must base all his tests and checks upon as it has to comply with the regulations set out by the board. These electrical certificates are valid for two years and must after that period be reissued following the same process and procedures initially entailed. Home owners are always Liable for the payment to obtaining the certificate from the  registered provider.

    These regulations are in place for our protection and safety as faulty electrical issues can and have been proved extremely hazardous and can even lead to death. The smallest fault or short in the electrical on your property can lead to sparking a fire that is harmful to all those around. The best way to do your part in keeping yourself and others out of harms way would just to comply with the safety regulations and have your Electricals inspected regularly, as we are not always able to identify an electrical problem or error ourselves. If you have obtained a an Electrical certificate and have had alterations to your electrical that you or someone else has done then as soon as this has happened you would need to do the inspections and certificate procedure all over again as the smallest addition and voltage can be destructive. Always ensure you hire the right professionals who are registered and up to date in their knowledge.

    For more information please visit www.technobugs.co.za

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  • Life in this day and age can get extremely Hectic and busy, as we all trying to do the best we can to earn more share more and have more. We have become workaholics to be able to live better more comfortable lives and provide for our families. We strive to excel in our careers and work environment which is a good thing, howeverif we are not careful we can get burnt out. We have people working two or more jobs at time to be able to survive,juggling work and kids at times and this can be exhausting. It’s not just adults that who face the challenges of exhaustion, life these days are also extremely hectic for kids, withschool  and the challengers they face in life on a daily basis. Life can seem to be a constant roller coaster ride and it’s important that we take a break from this and rejuvenate and what better way to do so than by taking time off from our hectic schedules and lifestyles and going on vacation.

    Planning a holiday could be the best way to be able to take a break and rest our minds and bodies, what better way than change of scenery. Holiday should be a time of family fun and relaxation, a time to give yourself a well deserve rest you need. The North Coast could be just the place for your next vacation, This wonderful place has so much to offer and is ideal for any and all individuals to be able to take a load off. The Magnificently beautiful place has become aa returning holiday destination to all who have been lucky enough to visit. The North Coast is an ideal destination for all kinds of different individuals young and old. We all want something different out of our vacations mostly to be able to enjoy time away from everyday life. NorthCoast is the perfect place with its subtropical climate that can be enjoyed all year round. The beauty and tranquility one can find here is amazing, it’s a complete change of scenery for most. Enjoy a place with beautiful beaches where you can sit back relax and enjoy the crashing waves. The North Coast has the warm Indian ocean which is what most people love as you are able to enjoy not just a walk next to it but a swim too ,there are a number of water activities that can be enjoyed because of this. There are beautiful parks and sanctuaries, great places to eat and enjoy different kinds of entertainment and culture.

    For more information please visit http://www.northcoast.org.za/

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  • As one of the 11district municipalities of KwaZulu Natal province we pride ourselves as ilembe district who are responsible for the economic growth of this north coast region, as the economic development  agency. Understanding the importance of economic growth development in is a huge part of in elevating poverty.As the development agency for the ilembe District we are responsible for a number of things and our aim and focus is the development within our province ofKwazulu opening up opportunities to locals within our community to drive this initiative and seek opportunity to better living conditions.Within this sector itallows for the development of not just the economy through the different projects available but also to enhance the lives of those participating by educating them, Providing them with the skills needed for the economic development of this area.

    ilembe District strive to make the amazing north coast of KwaZulu Natal that is home to a diverse culture and large population the destination place for investors. We as the development agency, host events manage projects and aim to bring in investment and be the destination of choice for all potential investors through the promotion of local economic development in the region. The beautiful province of KwaZulu Natal has so much potential for growth and development. The Beautiful KZN is a holiday destination for many local and international visitors who choose to enjoy their vacation time in this wonderful coastal area. The great warm climate conditions are one of the factors that make it a popular holiday destination all year round, as you can expect warm climate conditions. The warm temperatures allow for any visitors to this province to make the most of their vacation and holidays by being able to enjoy all theout door activities of which the KwaZulu Natal province have many of. From soaking up the sun and enjoying the leisure spending the day at one of the beautiful beaches whether just in the mood for a pure day of relaxation listening to the waves or reading a book. Many people enjoy this destination because of the warm ocean, as you are able to enjoy the warm waters as you take a swim in the ocean or surf it up. Then there are other water activities such surfing, which can be fun for all. Apart from the many activities and ventures, one can experience while visiting the diverse cultural region goes far beyond the entertainment available to tourist.

    For more information please visit http://www.enterpriseilembe.co.za/

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  • Lets face it we all dream of the day we would be settled in to our very own new home. We know that to be able to be lucky enough to have our own home dream come true is something that we don’t just get but something we have to work hard at to achieve and the accomplishment is so great and rewarding once you have achieved this lifelong dream you get slapped in the face by reality which ultimately puts out there that its going to physically and mentally draining process getting all your items and belongings in and settled.Moving is one of the most stressful situations alongside death and divorce and requires a lot from the individual going through this process. First and foremost the challenge you would have lying ahead would be packing up your goods and transporting them to the new location. Usually one would think that opting for a friends or someone’s minivan would be cost effective when it comes to moving and nothing good be further from the truth.You might save a few bucks however it wont be much of a saving if you find yourself injured and your belonging damaged.

    The Goafer is a reliable and professional company that offers you only the best quality services at the great rates. All the requirements needed for a move is under one roof and offered by these professionals who have been in the moving business for years. First and foremost the challenge we faced with a lot of the time is the access to packaging materials such as boxes, and bubble wrap to ensure your goods are protected during the moves from scratches, dents or other damages.Having access to these materials is usually not as easy and you find yourself running from pillar to post just to find this. At Goafer we have all your packaging material requirements under one roof. We offer a Packing service for those who  needit. We offer storage units for your items also in the event you would need that type of assistance. Our large covered trucks make for less trips up and down, meaning it will be donequicker. The staff are professionals and are equipped to handle the packing and the strain of moving of furniture and other items that are heavy and can causeinjuryis not done properly.Make your next move a good one and trust removal companies cape town the Goafer to assist you.

    For more information please visit www.goafer.co.za

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  • Don’t let the stress of hosting an event for a joyous occasion you so whish to celebrate get the better of you and leave you second guessing whether it will be all worth it. Any occasion is worth celebrating even the tiniest milestones. The truth of the matter when it comes to celebrations is that it can be stressful specially in the beginning. Having a plan and putting one together is the first thing you should do using pen and paper. Be sure to have the party planning criteria list at hand to help guide you through the process. It’s usually the food that is the most time consuming when it comes to party planning and it’s easy to see why, with the dietary considerations that need to be taken into account and the whole preparation process.Don’t let the food preparations leave you second guessing your celebration due to the work involved.

    The traditional way of planning and preparing the food to be served at your event would be to do everything yourself with help from an aunt or granny.This would mean creating a meal plan yourself, heading out to the shops for the ingredients which may mean that you will have to make trips to the grocer which can be tiring. The most challenging of the all is the actual preparation of the meals, which can be hours. Now hours of preparing food means you on your feet in the heated kitchen and that can be reason enough for you to want to rather skip the occasion. Youdon’t need to go through all the above as there are now other ways such as hiring a catering service to handle the food for your occasion. The belief that this kind of service is more costly is incorrect.

    Make your Occasion one that will be remembered for years and decades to come by hiring a spitbraai catering service for your next event. The new way of spitbraai catering has been revolutionary,and it’s easy to see why. Spitbraaiis a umbrella term for food being prepared around the fire. Spitbraai catering allows you to spend more time on planning the other aspects of the party, as the catering company will do all the work behind your food preparations.Choose your option of meat to be cooked along with all the sides and salads and let the caterers do the rest. The best part is that we will bring all the necessary requirements including all the food items and utensils along and serve up the meal at the perfect temperatures by our staff so you can just focus on sharing in the conversations and laughter that are memorable.

    For more information please visit http://excellentspitbraai.co.za/

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